2019-20 EOFY Update Time

We have officially reached our second End of Financial Year and we couldn't be more proud of how far we've come!  

Ordinary People Label is built around empowering ordinary people to do something ordinary (like swapping out single plastics, or shouting someone lunch who cannot afford it.... or even buying product from a social enterprise*wink wink*) and impacting a wider community by doing it. We value quality, compassion, integrity and transparency. As such, we want to keep you up to date with how far we've come and the impact we've made, together!

Launching in November 2018, we are now 19 months into being an established label. This past year, we have expanded our customer base, launched a limited edition embroided tees in November and more recently launched our first winter accessories range! Seeing most of our beanies sold out in less than two weeks, this was a massive success with a second drop released.

Our Impact
In December, we partnered with local not-for-profit The Babes Project and donated over $550 worth of product for an online auction to fund their incredible initiative of approaching crisis pregnancy and supporting women in the perinatal period.

In January, we saw COVID-19 hit with most countries severely impacted by March. First world nations were struggling with the unprecedented amount of cases and repercussions, but more so, our hearts bled with those already struggling in third-world nations and those who have been displaced and affected in war-torn regions. We decided in that moment of critical need, to isolate the month of December (rather than looking at the financial year up to date, which was at a loss) and use 50% profit to donate to Preemptive Love Coalition. We couldn't stand by and watch on without acting.

Looking at the financial year as a whole, July 2019 - July 2020, we have come very close to breaking into profit and have improved significantly from our first year of setup costs. We will continue to expand our product range and our audience and see the positive change that we can bring to our donations partner and other local initiatives.

Our Promise
We want to be fully transparent with you so that you know exactly who and what you are partnering with when you buy from Ordinary People Label. We have not taken a single dollar of wage or salary up to this point. The heart behind creating Ordinary People was to create lasting impact on communities far and wide and to challenge people's thinking where change is concerned —that EVERY single individual holds the power to change the world. It was not created as a side-business to fund holidays or extravagant spending. We do not intend to draw a salary from this business until we break into reasonable profit that we can first donate to our partners.

How You Can Help
You are the reason we have been able to grow and expand. You are the reason we were able to support The Babes Project. You are the reason we had the opportunity to donate to Preemptive Love Coalition. By buying our product for yourself and gifts makes it all happen! Some of the ways you can help us further, is by:

  • Sending us a testimonial via this form
  • Snap a photo of you wearing our product, post it online and tag us @ordinarypeoplelabel
  • Buy our product as gifts
  • Share or tag your friends in our social posts

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, for sharing the love, for representing Ordinary People, for sending kind DM's and emails to warm our hearts, for being so extremely supportive and loyal. We would not be here without you!

There is a whole world in need. You don't have to look far to see it. A world that needs love and kindness extended to every individual. We want to be part of changing the world to be a better place, where ordinary people reach out to other ordinary people in need and show up with grace and love. We want to always show up. Bring on 2020-2021, for the future is bright!

— Creator of Ordinary People Label

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