Behind The Scenes

Last Saturday, we had an incredible time hosting an intimate photoshoot / first birthday! With so much planning and coordinating going into the lead up, it well and truly paid off on the night with celebrations and many hilarious moments. The whole idea behind getting friends to jump in front of the camera was two fold — One being the celebration, but the other, what greater way to use ordinary people to model for Ordinary People. And I personally think they smashed it!

Below are few special outtakes from the night for your pleasure and enjoyment. These you will probably never see on the Gram, but we thought worthy of posting here😉

Ilana xx

Photography: Benjamin Knop, from Creative Button
Creative Director & Type Illustration: Ilana McMorran
Photography Assistant: Sarah Knop, from Creative Button
Set Design: Hayley Douglas
Models: Ally Dowling, Amy Novitski, Benni Knop, Hayley Douglas, Ilana McMorran, Joel Dowling, Morgan Douglas, Neil McMorran, Noni Dilizia

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