How To Be Antihate

Ever started scrolling and landed on a red hot post with the comments section breathing all sorts of hellfire and injustice? 🙋‍♀️ In our extremely polarising world with extreme ends of opinion and keyboard warriors making it a fulltime job to engage in debates with strangers, I find it very unlikely that you haven’t scrolled past something like this before.


And once you start going down the rabbit hole and reading that all too juicy comments section, it is so easy to feel your blood starting to boil. “The injustice! The difference of opinion! But their thought pattern just don’t make any sense?! I should correct them. Or start a discussion so I can convince them otherwise.” I know it feels like the only solution is to start typing out your epic response that could win you an Oscar, but I tell you now…. It. Is. Not. Worth. It. It's time to become antihate!


It is easy to say and hard to do, but by NOT ENGAGING in petty social media debates, you are actively being antihate. A lot of the time, the comments section is purely filled with people egging on another and WANTING you to respond and engage in the endless battle of hate-flinging. They WANT the debate. They WANT to prove they are right. But if there’s no one that takes the bait, then their efforts are absolutely wasted.


So the answer is pretty simple:
Keep scrolling.
Move on with your day.
Forget about that stranger.
By doing that, you are keeping your heart pure (it is pretty hard not to get fired up and hateful when you read what some people post!), you are keeping your mind clear (yay, that random stranger won’t be stuck in your thoughts ALL DAY LONG) and you have emotional capacity to go through your day and continue changing the world with your ordinary acts of kindness.


There is absolutely no issue whatsoever discussing hard topics and disagreeing with people in person (helpful tips on doing that is in a previous blog post I’ve written called How To Disagree & Still Love), but I have found there is zero empathy, zero willingness to listen and zero chance of convincing someone online, ESPECIALLY when it is some stranger called @ep1c0pinionzz_101 living halfway across the world in their parents’ basement.


Let’s start changing online dynamics and fight to become antihate✌️❤️

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