How To Change The World

We all want to feel powerful. We all want to feel like we matter. We all want to feel like what we do makes a difference. It is human nature. But so often we get stuck in between glorious ideals of changing the world and looking at our current circumstances and feeling powerless, like we are too insignificant to make a difference.

It is time to break that mindset once and for all.

Be encouraged with these three very simple steps you can take to change the world:

Don't Wait

“I just need to finish my studies to be more educated before I can do….”, “I just need to earn enough money before I can start helping….”, “I am not old or wise enough to make a difference…”, “I stay at home all day with my kids, I’ll just wait until the kids go to school….”. It is easy enough to find excuses to procrastinate, but you will wait a lifetime for the ‘right time’ to present itself in order for you to step out, take a risk and do something that is impacting the greater community. Don’t wait!


Consistently take steps, no matter how small

Changing the world is not encapsulated in a single event or contribution. It is in the day to day decisions we make that this happens. Decide that every day you will do something for the good of the environment or for others. Simple but consistent steps towards this will


Don't overcomplicate it

Do something ordinary!!! There’s something anyone and everyone can do in their current situation that can be world-changing! Why don’t you start intentionally teaching your kids about kindness and care for others? Or sacrifice one coffee a week to pass onto someone who is homeless? Perhaps you can pick up that rubbish on the sidewalk (even though it isn’t yours) and care for our planet and inspire the kid across the road that sees you, to do the same? Maybe you change one brand you usually by from and swap it for a social enterprise with similar items?

What you do matters. Even if it is only to one person. Do not despise the day of small beginnings, because in a year you will look back on your journey and see how far you’ve come, how many people you have encouraged, or supported, or fed, or provided for.

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It is as simple as that, and yet I question if I am doing enough of the right things for the right reason everyday. Why because I believe I have to think bigger, but you are right, it is the “sum of” that counts, and the multiplying of this makes a difference.

I love what you not only stand for, but are doing. Thank you. PS Your T’shirts as gifts were absolutely loved!

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