No One Cares If You’re Perfect

Ooof. Ouch. Harsh title hey? It got your attention though, didn’t it? Now to let you in on a little secret..... it’s true. The last few months as I’ve gone from the rise-n-grind workday routine and taken a “step back” to mothering a newborn, looking after my family, feeling the pressure of returning to my “pre-baby” body, making space for creative projects, reading more, oh and running a business. You know, mat leave, where things settle and you do nothing all day.... (and all the parents rolled their eyes and laughed together). In the space of 4 months, I have created this expectation to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, return to the perfect body, run the perfect business, be the perfect friend, be the perfect servant of people and you know what, it has been impossible to achieve (shock horror!).


Why do we so easily create these moulds to fit into, when all it is is an illusion to distract you from enjoying the present. I have very quickly come to realise that no one else is holding me up to this standard that I set myself and to be perfectly honest, no one cares that I’m not reaching that standard! Because everyone has their own journey to undertake and everyone has their own trials and struggles that keep them busy—why take up more brainspace worrying about whether someone else is perfect?


If you have struggled with this, I hear you! I see that hand! I have some pointers that I would love you to ponder on and hopefully it helps you as much as it’s helped me.

We are all human Perfection comes with a price

We aren't meant to be perfect 

So throw imperfection at me and I’ll keep crafting and creating with this beautiful mess, for it is in this place of perfectly imperfect that you will see me grow and you will find my empathy expanding and you will see me achieve the impossible out of a hard situation!


Here’s to you, all you ordinary and imperfect people! 🥂 Now let’s change the world!

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