Why 'Do Something Ordinary'?

It is time that I elaborate on this concept, on our mantra of 'do something ordinary'. 

It is what we are about, our essence. It is why this label was created.

In this moment of honesty and vulnerability, I'd like to share some of my experiences. I have come to realise over the last decade, that I am a master of self-sabotage. I can have the best intentions, but most of the time never put action to my intentions because I don't believe it will make a difference. When I see a need that needs fulfilling, a natural disaster that's left thousands without a home or healthcare, a war that's displaced millions of innocent people, even something as simple as a piece of rubbish lying on the side of the road, I too often turn a blind-eye. I convince myself that someone else will do it. There are people with more money than me that will give towards the aid organisation. It's someone else's property, they will pick up the rubbish. There are others with more influence. People that are more eloquent that will bring more public attention to a crisis / need. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

The thing that I've come to realise is:

It is not in someone's ability or resource that they actually bring change. It is in the ACTIONS they take.


For far too long, I've sat on my hands and watch disasters, terror attacks, hopelessness overcome the world and done absolutely nothing about it.

Zip. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Nothing.

But no longer can I pass responsibility onto someone else because I am too 'ordinary' to make a difference. It is my responsibility as much as it is the next person's responsibility to roll up our sleeves and start putting action to our words and intentions if we want to see change around the world. We cannot leave the eradication of poverty to the 4-5 people in the world that may have the resources to do so. We cannot pass responsibility of global pollution onto the next generation to fix up. We cannot wash our hands of global issues and pretend like it is another government's job alone to sort out.

It is time we DO SOMETHING. No matter how ordinary it may be. It may seem like your action or contribution is but a drop in the bucket, but in reality, the big picture is that drop is needed to form an ocean! If we collectively were to do and repeat the same actions, our individual 'drops' become a part of that big picture impact! 

You are not required to do it all! These things are all too big for one single person to do, which is why we have to do it together. I know for me personally, I am unable to support every single cause that triggers my heart. But I can support one. I know I cannot go plastic-free in one day. But I can make one product change at a time. I know I cannot give every homeless person a warm place to stay. But I can give one a hot meal.

If we all do nothing, nothing will happen. If we all do something ordinary, something will happen!


I challenge you, as much as I am challenging myself, to start doing something ordinary. Take those little steps. Give that $5 towards a cause. Pick up that one piece of rubbish from the side of the road. Share that one story about global issues which the media likes to so easily disregard. Change one of the products you buy regularly and find a social enterprise with the same product. Don't self-sabotage and leave it to someone else, or think that because you're taking such a small step it is not worth taking at all. In the end, it makes the world of difference. Literally.

It is time we take action. It is time we do something ordinary.

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