An Ordinary Story

This is why Ordinary People was created. 

We want to be part of the solution. We want to help you be part of it too. If we all, as ordinary people, do our small part, the results will be extraordinary.

Imagine if every product you bought came from best-practice suppliers and sowed profits back into communities that need help? What if this became the norm? This is what we dream about and want to be a part of.

We are a group of ordinary people determined to do our part. We think that if we want to see justice and mercy in the world, it has to start with us. We have to be prepared to roll up our sleeves and work to see it done.

That's why we are giving 50% of our profits to those doing amazing work around the world helping those who need it most.

We believe when people all over the world catch the vision and purchase with purpose, the extraordinary happens. We will see lives changed and communities restored.

Do something ordinary.