A Positive Impact

We, who are among the wealthiest on earth are beginning to understand that we don’t live in isolation. Our everyday purchasing decisions impact the lives of people we will never meet, some of them living in dire poverty.

We want to make those purchasing decisions a little easier for you by offering items that are ethically sourced and that benefit the people who make them.

At every stage of production, we are committed to making a positive impact in the world. We bring you quality, ethically made products that support the people who produce them. At every point in the supply chain, we are committed to ensuring that our wares are manufactured under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.

We believe that ordinary people like us can make the world a better place. We know that there are many of us who want to be able to buy products that we know are contributing to making the world fairer for all.


Our suppliers are proudly certified Child Labor Free to Manufacturing level. Child Labor Free is a certification that independently inspects and analyses supply chains for the use of child labor.

Child Labor Free certification empowers consumers to recognise brands that do not use child labor and supports brands to ensure child labor does not exist in their supply chains. Child Labor Free is a certification mark that provides best assurance that the product or brand carrying the mark has met the required standard. For information please visit childlaborfree.com

The factories must agree to external audits, and they are expected to make improvements where standards are not met to ensure ongoing compliance.

All their production facilities are WRAP certified, ensuring sweatshop-free product and ethical work conditions.

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We are determined to leave a positive impact with all the people we work worth and to leave a positive impact on our planet. This is why we have committed a plastic-free packaging, ensuring we use compostable or recyclable packaging and printed collateral. There may be instances where plastic is used in our wrapping of packages—this would only be from leftover packaging we have received from our suppliers that we would rather reuse than throw away.


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